Playing a Song


A song will be used to practice the concepts learned so far. The song will be played five different ways:

  • Melody in 2 different octaves
  • Melody in octaves ( "Wes Montgomery" style)
  • Chords accompanient  
  • Chord Melody
  • Improvisation

Melody in two octaves

It is important to play the melody in 2 differenct octaves because of the following:

  • The guitar sounds 1 octave lower than written, therefore, to achieve the actual written note, you must play 1 octave higher than written
  • Playing “in the wrong octave” (not playing one octave higher) usually has a warmer sound

Play the chords

Playing the melody in octaves will help develop the student’s dexterity and offer an additional texture.

Chord melody

Chord melody involves playing the melody and chords at the same time. Usually the melody note is the top note on the chord.


 A common practice in song playing is to imiprovise after the melody has been played. More on this in the IMPROVISATION section.